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Course Description:  This course prepares clinicians, dental hygienists and dental assistants to take complete medical histories and perform thorough examinations on orthodontic patients. The program has been designed to provide a framework for the clinician to create a custom-made medical questionnaire, including: Medications, Allergies, Physician information, Family and Personal Medical Histories. Numerous examples of common findings and their impact on orthodontic treatment are presented. In addition, the legal ramifications of an inadequate examination are included. Registered participants have the added benefit of printing the slides and diagrams from this course as a reference source.

Author: Dr. Jeff Berger

CE Units: 6

Course Breakdown and Instructions:

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what questions to include in a medical and dental history questionnaire for the orthodontic patient
  • Evaluate the results of the questionnaire and interpret the findings necessary for diagnosis, treatment planning and in satisfaction of legal requirements


To successfully complete this course, you will need to study the material presented in the course presentation. This is a self-paced course that can be paused and returned to at a later time. Once you have reviewed the course presentation in its entirety, you will need to complete the final assessment below. Lastly, please make sure to submit the required course evaluation.

If you have any course-related questions please contact Your questions will be forwarded to the appropriate content expert and you will receive a response within 48 hours.


You must pass the final assessment with a score of 70% to receive CE credit. After the assessment has been submitted you will have the opportunity to review your incorrect answers.

Practice Assessment

Grading for this quiz does not count towards the final quiz grade. Multiple attempts to this assessment can be made.

Final Assessment

Be sure to complete the Getting it Straight Chapter 1 course presentation before attempting this assessment. You must pass the final assessment with a grade of 70% or higher in order to receive course credit. Multiple attempts of this assessment can be made.

Course Evaluation:

In order to receive CE credit, you must also complete the course evaluation survey.